Tackling the
Tough Challenges


When you're faced with a tough cleanup challenge or a time-sensitive project, you want a contracting service you can trust, and you want the job done right. At Paul P. Pruss & Son we've developed and adapted our equipment for thorough and cost-effective problem solving.


  • Chemical Cleaning Systems
    Our special systems combine a unique chemical cleaning method with Butterworthing for fast, thorough clean out of tanks and process vessels. We can clean a typical 10,000 gallon tank in one day and have the ability to clean tanks well over 100,000 gallons.
  • Mobile High Pressure Jetting
    Our mobile high pressure jetting delivers up to 10,000 psi to loosen process and waste residue from sewers and process equipment. High pressure jetting is also a cost efficient method of cleaning building exteriors and floors.
  • Pipeline and Vessel Cleaning
    Pipelines can be cleaned using chemical cleaning solutions or high pressure jetting. A water tornado removes debris from the walls of the pipe. Our specially designed equipment allows us to clean piping over 1500 ft. long, up to 30 in. diameter.
  • Tank Cleaning And Butterworthing
    For fast, thorough clean out of tanks and process vessels.
  • Plant Turnarounds
    Our experience includes major turnarounds for leading refineries. We can work closely with your maintenance department to expedite plant turnarounds in a timely manner.
  • Contract Maintenance
    Ongoing programs based on your maintenance schedule can help you avoid unscheduled downtime.